About Electric Reefer Solutions

Electric Reefer Solutions was born out of a need in the cold storage industry for a long-term, environmentally-friendly electric solution for stationary refrigeration units, trailers, and storage trailers.

Up until now, whenever facilities such as a grocery stores or distribution centers required extra space for storing perishable items, they installed TRU (Transport Refrigeration Units)-equipped trailers powered by diesel motors in an open bay. And because these units became stationary, facilities typically used older trailers that had less-efficient motors.

Now because of recent legislation passed in California, facilities are having to take another look at these stationary refrigeration units. By early 2010, TRUs with engines seven years or older will either have to be replaced with a newer engine or have a certified filter installed. Both these options are expensive and temporary. The eventual goal of the legislation is zero-emissions by 2012 for these stationary units, which despite ongoing and costly upgrades, a diesel engine will never achieve.

But there is a third option: replacing the diesel engine with alternate technology — and this is the Electric Reefer Solution™.

Replacing an old, dirty diesel engine of a refrigeration unit with our all-electric ER-230 or ER-460 solves the problem once and for all. Facilities will not need to register the unit with the state and will be compliant with all future zero-emissions regulations. What’s more, they will see quick return on the investment through savings in fuel and maintenance costs.