Electric Reefer FAQs

  • What type of controls do the ER-230 and ER-460 have, and are they easy to use?
    Safe, easy, low-voltage (24V) commercial-style controls are used. Units are well marked, and there is ample support documentation available.

  • How well do the ER-230 and ER-460 cool and heat, and what temperature ranges will they hold?
    The units have a very high capacity and perform extremely well in both the cooling and heating modes. Temperature operating range is -20°F to 80°F in most cases.

  • What are the voltage ranges for the ER-230 and ER-460?
    The units are designed to be “voltage tolerant.” ER-230s run on a range from 208V – 240V. ER-460s run on a range from 460V – 480V.

  • What are the electric power supply requirements and service size?
    Power must be 3-Phase. (Units cannot operate on Single-Phase.) For ER-230s we recommend a 60A service with a continuous running supply of 30A. For ER-460s we recommend a 30A service with a continuous running supply of 15A.

  • Can I run my ER-230 on a plug wired for 460V?
    No, the units are designed specifically for either the 230V or 460V range.

  • What is the warranty?
    The warranty is one year for all components.

  • What parts of the ER-230 and ER-460 are remanufactured and what parts are new?
    Frames, top skins, and coil sets are reconditioned, tested, and remanufactured. The refrigeration and electrical system are new.

  • What is a hermetically sealed scroll compressor?
    A hermetic refrigeration system is a compressor coupled with an electric drive motor that is sealed as one component. Scroll compressors are highly efficient, run smoothly and consume less power than traditional reciprocating compressors.

  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping costs typically range from $100 to $300 per unit, depending on the destination in the United States.

  • How much does an ER-230 or ER-460 cost to run?
    Utility costs will vary depending on your location, but the average cost is $1.00 per running hour for electricity consumption.